Integrated Cannabis Inc (IGPK) Reveals they will be attempting to Uplist to OTCQX before making Jump to NASDAQ.

Integrated Cannabis Solutions Inc (IGPK) has signaled as they are waiting for their S-1 Registration Statement to go effective, they will be laying the ground work for uplisting to OTCQX, before making the jump to NASDAQ.

Via Companies Social Media Account,

$IGPK is a different entity then $GCGX so most likely OTCQX until they change the rules for US Cannabis companies and give us the same rights as the Canadian companies. Then when they do, $IGPK can easily make the move over to NASDAQ.

Recently, Integrated Cannabis Solutions (OTC:IGPK) announced they have successfully filed their S-1 registration statement with the SEC. This is the most significant milestone for the company to date, as it now paves the way for a significant transaction that has been on the sidelines awaiting the S1 filing.

Now, IGPK will be able to acquire the farm and purchase another 50% of the dispensary in Los Angeles. Additionally $IGPK will be in a position to expand significantly and open up to a larger and stronger shareholder base.

This new development has caused a major shift in the technical layout of the stock, which has been held down due to investors fears that the company would not be able to successfully submit their S1.

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