Qualigen Therapeutics (QLGN) and Stemsation Inc (STSN): Two Stocks to Watch as COVID-19 Continues to Shape Wall Street.

The markets closed off with strong gains today, attempting to recover losses endured over the last week of high market volatility. Analysts are beginning to suggest a longer streak of volatility and dizzying federal reserve actions. While it’s a sign that the Virus isn’t done wreaking havoc on the global economy, it also shows just how sensitive the market is to companies related to virus directly, and indirectly. To go one step further, while stocks relating to COVID-19 have shown a big rally lately, analysts are putting forth the notion that it the greatest opportunity in investments related to the virus is not with the vaccine, but with the changes in work-life.

First Up: Stock to watch related to the “Vaccine” Sector of COVID-19 Investments

One of the most exciting companies right now regarding vaccine and treatment for COVID-19 is Qualigen Therapeutics, Inc (QLGN). Last week, they released news that they signed an exclusive license agreement with the University of Louisville (UofL) to facilitate development of Qualigen’s AS1411 DNA aptamer as a drug candidate for the treatment of COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. 

AS1411 targets and binds with nucleolin, a human protein utilized by some viruses to enter a cell.  Proof-of-concept in vitro studies recently performed at UofL demonstrate that by binding to nucleolin, AS1411 may protect cells from the damaging effects of SARS-CoV-2 infection.

Qualigen has held an exclusive license to AS1411 for all fields of use since 2018.  The new agreement provides a license under UofL’s pending U.S. patent for the use of AS1411 for inhibiting or treating COVID-19.  Qualigen has separately been developing ALAN (the AS1411 aptamer attached to a gold nanoparticle) as a drug candidate against cancer, under a previous technology license agreement with UofL.

Looking at the chart, the current price per share is now bouncing off the triple bounce, 52-week low range. Once the price breaks the $6.00 resistance point, we can possibly see a rise back towards the $12 to $13.34 range.

Second: Stock to watch related to the change in work-life

More and more companies are laying off employees and cutting hours, leaving a significant portion of individuals searching for extra income to fill the gap. Fresh off a successfull reverse merger, and FINRA approved name and ticker change, StemSation International Inc OTCMKTS:STSN just announced,

Distribution will ramp up this 3rd quarter to include Europe, increasing revenue as consumers continue to take more personal responsibility for their health and wellness during these unprecedented times.

Press Release HERE

However, what is most significant, and what some traders may have missed, is the companies announcement today that they have created a direct selling model for people to earn income, as stated

StemSation’s flexible Direct Selling business model is also an excellent opportunity for individuals to earn money from home, more important today than ever before.

Since the reverse merger, there is only 1.1 million in the company float, making it a ultra-low float stock. Furthermore, there is now a website launched by the company along with a number of social media sites.

Hard hitting CEO Ray Carter Jr., who was responsible for growing the company StemTech to $65 million, has announced he is now the CEO of StemSation International Inc (OTC:STSN). For over 30 years, Ray has directed growth in both private and public direct selling companies, from start-ups to Fortune 500 firms. His new company, StemSation International Inc (OTC:STSN) has just launched, and is now trading OTC Pink current under the symbol “STSN“.

Connecting to recent Stem Cell studies on COVID-19, a new report out shows that Bio-Pharm companies have shifted their focus from CX pathology systems (what has typically been for Coronovirus) to research on the effect of Stem Cell differentiation on the Corona Virus.

Chinese doctor who runs a lab in Wuhan – ground zero of the coronavirus pandemic – claims he could save thousands of lives after making a breakthrough in the treatment of the deadly pathogen, DailyMailTV can reveal. Dr. Dongcheng Wu, an expert in stem cell therapy, said he has successfully treated nine patients who were hospitalised with novel coronavirus pneumonia.


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