Wanderport Corp (WDRP) & FONU2 Inc (FONU) Among Top Candidates for ‘Market Recovery’ Bull Rush.

Stocks closed in neutral territory after a recent bull run during the previous 4 trading days amid signs of state openings, while crude prices continued to fall after a main Oil index opted out of the June contracts. Just last week, the Dow Jones Industrial Average jumped 456.94 points, or nearly 2%, to 23,475.82, while the key market sectors surged late Wednesday. While a large number of mid and large cap companies are continuing to struggle, some small cap companies are actually becoming more profitable and showing signs that a new bull rush in the small and mid cap sectors is in progress.

Mid Cap Sector DTM,

Traditionally, during a recession based recovery, the small and mid caps are the last to initiate their recovery, for obvious reasons. Since last Thursday, we noticed a large number of small and mid cap stocks show signs of strength, and in some cases, some small cap sectors are surging. This is a pretty clear sign that the market is in a full recovery mode. Granted, we are still in choppy water as with all recovers, but it is indeed a good sign.

Focusing on the small caps, there are two stocks that are in the initial stages of their bull rush, albeit for different reasons. While one is taking advantage of the scare competition in related reverse mergers, the other is now dove-tailing the economic recovery, after it bounced off its 52-week low.

First: Wanderport Corp (WDRP)

The company is coming off its 52-week low, after a string of low volume trading days due to the cooling effect stemming from the big board slump. Most interesting, during the decline of the stock from $0.018 the company continued to launch its promised products and even launched it e-commerce division. This unfortunately went un-noticed due to the dramatic decline in the markets from the COVID-19 disaster.

Wanderport Corporation (OTC PINK: WDRP), a premier manufacturer and distributor of food, beverages and consumer products made with hemp, today announces the launch of its new e-commerce website and business update.

The newly launched website, Wander Brands, offers a range of health and wellness related products. The initial categories include beverages, beauty and body care, supplements, edibles, topical and pet products. The Company will curate and list only products that it felt are of premium quality or exhibit healthy benefits.

With a float of under 500 million, at a current share price of $0.0018, this makes the perfect candidate in the recovery bull rush that is now in progress. The company has also made clear in its filings that it owns 25M shares of SIPC, and has zero convertible debt.

The company has also added a major win to their product list, with their hand sanitizer line, which they did not even do a press release about, therefore went un-noticed, until it is reflected in their quarterly report.

Second: FONU2 Inc (FONU)

The Stages of the Custodianship Investment:

  1. Custodianship petition is filed with the courts.
  2. Custodianship petition is granted
  3. Reinstated at the Nevada SOS
  4. Shell –> Reverse Merger

As of today, FONU2 Inc (OTC:FONU) officially entered Stage 3, as it was released that the company has been fully reinstated. At this point, the next logical step is the reverse merger, as there is nothing left for the new custodian to accomplish. According to Universal management (the new custodian), there is already a target entity.

Investors can expect to see an increased level of activity, both from investors and new management, as the reinstatement paves the way to the ability to file its needed documents with OTCmarkets, and of course the documents needed for the reverse merger process to begin. Many investors underestimate the impact level 3 has on newly appointed companies, as the following case studies prove.

Case Studies?

LCTZ – On February 4th they filed an annual report at the Nevada Secretary of State showing new officers in control of the shell, which is from the Custodianship hearing.  

–> Time of filing $0.00975 per share and within 4 days, the price climbed to $0.244 per share for an estimated gain of 2400%.

CNHC had a similar fate going from $.0036 per share to a high of $.0325 per share for an estimated gain of over 800%.

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